Exchange Student Pressure
Exchange Student Pressure

Even if we try to do not have too much or any expectations, everyone wish the best for their exchange year. To make new friends, to improve our language, to have a perfect host family: that’s what everyone of us unconsciously hoped and this, can influence you so much at the point where you start having a sort of “performance anxiety” that we could also name as “Exchange Student Pressure”. That’s not a real term but we’ll create a neologism just for us 🙂

The Exchange Student Pressure it’s generated by a mixture of contents that we accumulated in our mind. Articles, videos, photos, catalogues: everyone’s talking about a fantastic adventure. Everything’s perfect right?! Well, it’s all their fault if I’m writing this article now.

DO NOT let anyone to ruin this experience for what they expect to see from you.

As I was telling you in my first article (sorry, Italians only) before I left there was an eco of paranoia overhanging every other feeling inside me. That was normal for me, and for everyone else like me who decided to leave for an year.

My point is, as we are used to say, perfection doesn’t exist… An most likely an exchange year is not a miraculous exception. It’s “just” an other year of a long life. Intense, tiresome, special, but surly a real experience.

As life and reality teach us, there are and there will be ups and downs all the time. What I want to to tell you with this article is: do not let the exchange student pressure to overhang you and learn to go with the flow.

I’m here, in fact, differently than others do, to tell you that probably not everything will be as planned. Maybe you won’t have the best host family in the world, but you’ll maybe find some friends for life… Maybe you’ll not have the chance to travel around your host country, but you’ll be able to talk as a mother tongue… We are not at McDonald’s where we can chose with a click every single ingredient of our burger, but a perfect burger never changed anyone’s life right?!

An year abroad is made to make you change and grow as you never did before and it’s know that

“Who wins is generally the first to die,

It’s the defeat that keeps you alive”

This entire article is to remember you that an exchange year doesn’t have to be perfect to be perfect for you.

Grab your passport, your passion and let the exchange student pressure home.

Translated by Michele Saladino


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