“It’s a little window on the amazing world that is right outside our confort zone.”

Sofia Quarisa

What’s an Exchange Year? Is the opportunity to live for an entire year of HighSchool abroad, being hosted by a local family. Every day of this fantastic experience will turn into a completely new adventure. You’ll get the opportunity to travel discovering amazing places and meeting people you’ll never forget. But an exchange year is even more,

We asked our followers to answer this question for you and  here you can find some of the answers:

“It’s a powerful experience that makes the culture of a country enter overwhelmingly in you.” 

“Something that opens and grows your mind as much as anything can.”

Tatiana Carboni

“A mystical experience where you can change in ways you would have never expected.”

Marta Giulini

“It makes you able to realize all your abilities and qualities “


“It’s an unforgettable experience during wich you learn many things useful for your future.”

Ellen Schmidt

“Best year of my life”

– Ana Fernanda

“The most exciting year you can have during school time”

Denise Antonello

“It’s the best way to get to know yourself and the world”

Chiara Esposito

“Hum.. the best thing ever? Also a way to grow up unexpectedly”

Pauline Gp

“An emotional rollercoaster”

Carol Broll

“It’s the best year of your life. You learn about yourself and realize some dreams.”

– Eloise Ricouard

“You get to grow up faster than the others and it can change all your perspectives of life”



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