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Exchange Year

What's that? It's a fantastic year during which you've got the opportunity to discover a new country in a completely new way. Live for a long time period abroad and change your life forever in just a few months.

Exchange Year FAQ

Where can I go?

You are completely free to go wherever you want. Chose a destination, book your adventure and get ready to live an unforgettable experience that will change you fo the rest of life.

What's an Host Family?

Well, it's really difficult to explain what an Host Family really is. They are basically people who want to experience something special, as you do, by hosting an exchange student in their houses and lives up to an year. But in reality they are way more than that...

Anno all’estero negli Stati Uniti
Exchange Year Rules

Will I have rules?

Ohhh Yes, But trust me, nothing crazy as you can think. These rules are made to keep you safe and make your parents comfy with the idea of having you abroad, alone, for an entire year.

What about the language?

Depending on where are you going you'll be learning or improving a different language. Everything will be difficult, especially in the first few weeks, but after a year or so you'll be back with a perfect local accent that no professor could teach you.

Exchange Year Languages
STS Exchange year

Why STS?

Most of the Exchange Students writing for this blog were or are STS Exchange Students. Everyone of us is extremely happy fo the high quality service and will recommend them to future adventurers, the least we can do to thank them is to cooperate!

How can I ask questions?

Well, you can press the button here below and write us or just contact us on Instagram at @feeltheworldabroad. We'll answer as soon as possible and you'll be putted in contact with the right person.

Exchange Year Questions